Month: August 2016

2016 Teacher’s Appreciation Luncheon

IMG_1454It’s that time of year again. School is about to start back. The students at the Wildwood Schools will be returning to the campuses next week. The teachers have already returned.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that schools are part of our larger community.  Through their dedication and hard work, teachers and their support staff provide an immeasurable service to our community.  Teachers put in their best effort to teach their students all that they can.  While these educators play such an important role in the lives of our children, it is our responsibility, as a community, to thank the teachers for their efforts by showing our gratitude and support.

Several years ago, as a way to say “Thank you” to our local educators and their support staff who go the extra mile every day for our children, OBW decided to provide a barbecue lunch before the students’ first day in the classroom. It was a huge success, and so we have done it every year since then. Now that most of the teachers are aware of our luncheon, participation has grown to include almost all of them.

Today was the 2016 Teacher’s appreciation luncheon.  It was truly a fun and uplifting experience.  With the donations of many businesses and churches, and with the help of many volunteers, the luncheon offered delicious food (barbecued pork, cole slaw, & beans), good fellowship, some free items to all who attended, and many gift cards and gift baskets through our free raffle.  It was wonderful to see the happy faces of our teachers as they begin this new school year!

Once again, if you would like to be involved with the efforts of Bless Wildwood, or would like to donate to our organization, please use the contact form at the bottom of any page on this website.