Operation Bless Wildwood

Who We Are

Operation Bless Wildwood is a loose knit organization that consists of local residents, Pastors, businesses, and community leaders with one purpose: to bless Wildwood. We are all volunteers, which means that 100% of all donations to OBW are invested back into our various projects.


To become acquainted with various needs concerning children and families within the city of Wildwood and utilize God’s resources to help us address those needs.


Since there are many needs in our area, we have chosen to focus on our local public schools, specifically Wildwood Elementary and Wildwood Middle High School. We believe that by doing everything we can to support our local schools, administrators, teachers, staff, and the children that attend these schools, we can make a positive impact on the families of Wildwood.


  • Wise use of Kingdom Resources
  • Partnering together to increase effectiveness
  • Community impact and presence
  • Open doors of communication by meeting needs
  • Create an environment of generosity
  • Look beyond each individual event
  • An intentional effort
  • Create an environment that bridges the generational boundaries

Contact Us

Since OBW is a loose-knit organization consisting entirely of volunteers, we have limited contact information. The best way to get a hold of us is by using the form below. If needed, our mailing address is:

Operation Bless Wildwood
PO Box 459
Wildwood, FL 34785

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