A Few Misc. Pictures of OBW At Work

Through the school year, OBW has been very active in meeting specific needs in the Wildwood School System. Sometimes we forget to properly share pictures of our activities for others to see. But we would like to post a few miscellaneous pictures of some of our activities here today for you to see.


The back of Pat Worcester’s car loaded with school supplies to be delivered to Wildwood schools.  One of many such trips!


 School equipment and instructional aids delivered to Wildwood Elementary School by Glynn Webber of Bedrock Resources and Dixie Lime. Rocking chairs and sensory chairs were especially needed for students with disabilities.


 Two rocking chairs are delivered by Glynn Webber to Sherri Robinson for use by students with disabilities in her classroom.


 Katherine Palazzo receives a white board easel for her classroom, delivered by Glynn Webber of Bedrock Resources and Dixie Lime.


 Glynn Webber delivers a box with 30 individual white boards to Ashley Quintero for use in her classroom. Supplied by Bedrock Resources and Dixie Lime.


Andrew Underhill and Illiana Miranda receive 44 copies of the book, Walk Two Moons, that their 7th grade students will study.  The books were provided by Bedrock Resources and Dixie Lime, delivered by Glynn Webber.


 Fred Anderson, teacher at Wildwood Middle High School, receives 30 individual white boards for use in his classroom. These were supplied by Bedrock Resources and Dixie Lime and were delivered by Glynn Webber.


 Glynn Webber delivers clarinet reeds and oil to Sean Wallace at the Wildwood Middle High School. These items were purchased by Bedrock Resources and Dixie Lime.










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